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About Linz Airport

Who are the proprietors of Linz Airport, and what are the opening hours of the airport? What about its history, and which topics shape its daily business now? Learn more about Linz Airport as a company!

A brief overview

Facts & figures of Linz Airport

Organisation & operating hours

The proprietors of Linz Airport are Land Oberösterreich Verkehrsholding GmbH and Unternehmensgruppe der Stadt Linz Holding GmbH – each holding 50 percent of the shares. They are responsible for all management matters and the administrative tasks required for air traffic. In May 2018, Norbert Draskovits assumed the position of CEO of Linz Airport.

Operating hours:
·         Monday to Friday: 05:30 am - 11:00 pm
·         Saturday und Sunday: 06:00 am - 11:00 pm
         Temoraly restriceted until 21.02.2021: Saturday and holidays: 10.00 am - 05.00 pm, Sundy: 10.00 am - 11.00 pm

Good to know: The departure hall and the car parks open approximately two and a half hours before the first departure of the day.


Geographical location

Airport reference point
N 48°14'07''
E 14°11'17'
Elevation: 299 m above sea level
IATA code: LNZ

Area: 383 ha (of which 181 ha grassland)
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Area: 116,000 m² 
5 parking stands for long-range aircraft or
13 parking stands for medium-range aircraft and
approximately 14 parking stands for general aviation


The longest available runway length in Linz is 3,000 x 60 metres.
RWY 08: asphalt ICAO CAT I
RWY 26: asphalt ICAO CAT III

Load-bearing capacity: PCN 57/F/A/W/T

Landing runway 26 in accordance with category IIIB
(optimal technical equipment for landings in low visibility)
Landing runway 08 in accordance with category I

Runway with approach beacon system 08/26: 1775 in-pavement and edge lights
of these – apron/taxiways: 254 beacons
Lamp wattage per beacon: up to 500 W

Helicopter runway: 07/25

Ad Category for fire fighting: CAT 9 (ICAO) or CAT 10 (ICAO)


Terminal building  

including equipment hangar:
Length: 270 m
Depth: 45 m
Tower height: 28 m

Hangar 1

 Area: approx. 2,900 m²
Height: 16.49 m
Vertical clearance: 12.50 m

Hangar 2 (General Aviation)

 Area: approx. 1,700 m²
Height: 8.20 m
Vertical clearance: 5 m

Hangar 3 (General Aviation)

Area: 1,190 m²
Height: 7.45 m
Vertical clearance: 5 m

Light aircraft hangar 1 (General Aviation) 

Area: 1,250 m²
Height: 6.50 m
Vertical clearance: 5 m

Light aircraft hangar 2 (General Aviation)

 Area: 2,500 m²
Height: 6.50 m
Vertical clearance: 6.50 m

Equipment hangar (General Aviation)

Area: 1,520 m²
Height: 7.55 m
Vertical clearance: 6.30 m

Ground support equipment and facilities are available for all common commercial aircraft.

Air traffic figures for 2022

Traffic statistics 2022

ZFBB (Conditions of use for civil airports

ZFBB conditions of use for civil airports as per the ZFBO rules of operation for civil airports, Aerodrome Manual, airside operations regulation, or charges regulation: Find out what pilots should know regarding the use of the civil airfield at Linz Airport!

Conditions of use for civil airports (only in German)

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The history of Linz Airport began in 1955 – and a lot has happened since then. Let’s go on a journey through the history of Linz Airport from its early years to today! 

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Our daily business

Everyday life at Linz Airport

Your spot at the airport

Advertising space, seminar rooms, or counters: On the airport’s premises, a variety of spaces can be rented. You’ve got an idea for an alternative way of working with us? Feel free to get in touch – our team is looking forward to hearing from you!

With an eye on the environment

Linz Airport’s surrounding areas

Environmental protection & our airport neighbours

The topic of environmental protection is reflected in our strong commitment to sustainable aviation development – and in our various measures to not only protect the environment but also our airport neighbours.

Partners & contact information

You would like to contact one of our partners or the team of Linz Airport?  Also find out about the “Flieg ab Linz” (Fly from Linz) syndicate – and benefit from attractive holiday deals for destinations you can visit from Linz!

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