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Linz Airport for professional and private pilots

Professionally or privately: Flying is your passion? Then you’re in great company at Linz Airport – or more specifically, at the General Aviation Terminal. Fast processing and uncomplicated handling – private pilots enjoy a comprehensive service at Linz Airport. The team at the General Aviation Center is happy to assist in whichever way they can.

We’re here for you.

General aviation at Linz Airport

A separate service terminal

The General Aviation Center is housed in a separate terminal at Linz Airport. That’s where professional and private pilots can take advantage of a variety of services relating to general aviation. Reserved parking spaces are available opposite the terminal in area K2.

The General Aviation Center at Linz Airport offers the following services for private pilots:

  • passport and customs border control checkpoints
  • VIP-service
  • Catering
  • cleaning and refuelling of aircraft
  • comprehensive customer support regarding private and business charter flights
  • sale of flight logbooks
  •  information on airport charges as well as billing and collection of fees
  • booking of taxis, rental cars and hotel reservations

How may we assist you? We’re looking forward to your enquiry!

Convenient: our online contact form for GAC enquiries. Just enter the registration number, the type of aircraft, the operator, the time of arrival and departure as well as your individual message. The team of the General Aviation Center will get back to you shortly.

Online Contact form

Interesting facts at a glance

Information for pilots

Information sheet for professional and hobby pilots

Location coordinates, operating hours, requesting permission for landing and other important contacts: On the following information sheet, you’ll find everything pilots need to know listed in a handy overview.

Tip: If you would like to submit your flight plan data, obtain comprehensive briefing for your flight or have a look at the aviation weather report, you should check out the home briefing site of Austro Control.


Download Information Sheet

The special online portal of Linz Airport

Austrian Air Transport Levy

Legal obligations

Every aircraft operator must pay an Air Transport Levy for all passengers departing from Austria to the Tax Office for Fees, Transaction Taxes and Gambling – providing no exemption applies. The legal basis of this levy is the Austrian “Budgetbegleitgesetz” (ancillary budget act) of 2011, most recently amended by the “Abgabenänderungsgesetz” (act modifying taxes) of 2011. Linz Airport has made an Online portal available for the purpose of submitting all relevant data.

For more information on the Air Transport Levy, please visit the website of the Federal Ministry of Finance.

For access data please contact:

Easy and convenient calculation

Charges calculator

Click to get an overview of the charges!

You would like to find out beforehand which airport charges apply at Linz Airport? That’s easy with our convenient calculator. Enter your data, let the calculator do all the work for you and receive information on the charges to expect.

Important: All information is subject to change. No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. For a formally binding offer, please contact us directly.

Charges calculator for General Aviation

Please enter your data for calculating the tariffs and charges.
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Flying and learning to fly

Linz AirSport 

Flying clubs and flight schools at Linz Airport

You’re dreaming of becoming a private pilot? Linz AirSport helps you make this dream come true. Under the brand name of Linz AirSport, local flying clubs and flight schools (Bussard, Fly Linz, Wings of Linz) are united offering comprehensive information regarding becoming a pilot – from aptitude tests to the final flying test. At the flying clubs, like-minded aviation enthusiasts can exchange tips, tricks and news. Events and guided tours, photos and videos: With Linz airSport, you can immerse yourself in the fascinating world of aviation.

By the way: How about gathering some first-hand experiences behind the yoke during a trial flight?

Learning to fly at Linz Airport

Flight schools

Additional to our flight clubs there are further flight schools at Linz Airport, where you can take private pilot training. Here is the list you can choose from.

Become a helicopter pilot

Sightseeing flights and learning to fly with a helicopter

A special kind of flying experience

Whether it's a sightseeing flight or a trial flight with the helicopter, at Linz Airport you have the choice. And if you like it, why not get your helicopter pilot's licence right away?

Flights on demand

Private & business flights

Travelling flexible and uncomplicated

You want to charter an airplane to get to your destination quick and uncomplicated or you want your goods shipped directly? Select from our providers for private & business flights!


Do you need a technician for maintenance and repair work on aircraft? Contact our experts for aircraft servicing at Linz Airport.


Austrian Aircraft Cooperation, AAC
Österreichische Luftfahrzeug GesmbH

Aircraft refuelling services

Are you looking for an aircraft refuelling service at Linz Airport? AFS Aviation Fuel Service is availabl for you from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm, 7 days a week

Information fuel supply
AFS Aviation Fuel Services GmbH

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