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Local taxi providers

Taking a taxi to and from Linz Airport

You would like to take a taxi to Linz Airport or continue your trip from there in one? Taxis wait right outside the arrivals terminal. In case you are pressed for time, we recommend booking a taxi in advance.

Overview – rates:

  • to Linz main station: approx. EUR 30
  • to the city centre of Linz: approx. EUR 35
  • to the city centre or the train station in Wels: approx. EUR 50

Travelling from Linz, Wels or Steyr

If you are travelling from Linz, Wels or Steyr, you are also welcome to contact one of the following companies (none-exhaustive list).

From Linz:
Taxi 6969:0043 732 6969
Taxi 2244: 0043 732 2244
RTS Taxi: 0043 732 610388
Gelbes Funktaxi Linz: 0043 732 3344
EasyCab Linz: 0043 664 57 12 100         

From Wels:
Taxi 2090: +43 7242 2090
Citytaxi Wels: +43 7242 911811
Funktaxi 3010: +43 7242 3010    

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