For passengers with special assistance needs

Which passengers are eligible to use the service?

Preparing for air travel requires quite a bit of time and effort – especially, if passengers have special assistance needs that must be taken into consideration. Timely planning is essential when it comes to air travel for disabled passengers and those with reduced mobility. Linz Airport supports you in that with its accessible infrastructure and comprehensive services – from the moment of booking your flight to your departure.

Well prepared when going on holiday

Air travel for passengers with special needs

Tips & tricks

  1. Find and book an accessible accommodation and flights – if necessary, call and have them confirm certain criteria such as handicapped-accessible entries or lifts!
  2. You might want to choose a shorter trip for your first air travel experience rather than going on holiday for several weeks.
  3. Try to find out if there are discounts available to aides!
  4. Talk to your travel companions, and discuss the expectations that you and they might have: What would you like to do, and what are you able to do? Come up with a realistic plan and look up the sights and attractions that you want to see. Then find out if they are handicapped-accessible!
  5. Consider getting a special travel insurance!
  6. Don’t forget to pack a sufficient supply of all your essential medications (in case there are delays) and replacements for mobility equipment such as walking aids – because they might be much more expensive abroad.
  7. If you have one, you should pack your disabled identification card (DID or similar). Many tourist attractions provide services or discounts for people with disabilities (and possibly even their aides).
  8. Inform the airline about any mobility impairments at least one week prior to your departure – if you didn’t already do so during the booking process!
  9. Have a look at official tourism websites to find out if there are accessible transport options to and from the airport!
  10. Usually people with reduced mobility are allowed to board the airplane first: This gives you enough time to get comfortable and look forward to your holiday.

Special assistance during every stage of your journey

Services at Linz Airport

Before your flight

Please let us know in advance that you are going to need special assistance! This ensures that all passengers receive the service that they need and, at the same time, it allows us to accommodate individual wishes and requests. You might also want to find out about requirements or particularities regarding accessible travel from your travel agency or airline.

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have before your departure:

Tel.: +43 (0) 7221 6000


Designated parking spaces for disabled passengers are available at all car parks of Linz Airport. You’ll receive a 20 percent discount from the applicable rate.

Good to know: Special intercom call buttons are located to the side of the parking spaces and can be used to speak to the airside duty manager as required.

At the terminal

At the terminals of Linz Airport, lifts between different levels equipped with wheelchair ramps are available. If you’re in the check-in hall, the lift takes you to the lower level where accessible bathrooms are provided. The airport restaurant can be accessed using the lift as well, while the Café "Frederick & Sons" is located in the departure hall on the ground floor.

Getting to the plane and back 

Upon request, we’re happy to take passengers with reduced mobility from the gate to the aircraft and back – and we’ll also assist you in embarking and disembarking the aircraft as required. For this purpose, a medical carry chair as well as a lift vehicle are available at Linz Airport. A wheelchair can be provided for your convenience from the moment you check in to when you board the aircraft. Our airport staff are always happy to provide additional assistance.

We're here for you!

Assistance under the responsibility of the managing bodies of the airport

When you can count on our help

We observe the following quality standards for assistance based on Regulation (EC) No. 1107/2006.

Assistance and arrangements to enable disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility to:

  • communicate their arrival at an airport and their request for assistance at the designated points inside and outside terminal buildings mentioned in Article 5,
  • move from a designated point to the check-in counter,
  • check-in and register baggage,
  • proceed from the check-in counter to the aircraft, with completion of emigration, customs and security procedure
  • board the aircraft, with the provision of lifts, wheelchairs or other assistance needed, as appropriate,
  • proceed from the aircraft door to their seats,
  • store and retrieve baggage on the aircraft,
  • proceed from their seats to the aircraft door,
  • disembark from the aircraft, with the provision of lifts, wheelchairs or other assistance needed, as appropriate,
  • proceed from the aircraft to the baggage hall and retrieve baggage, with completion of immigration and customs procedures,
  • proceed from the baggage hall to a designated point,
  • reach connecting flights when in transit, with assistance on the air and land sides and within and between terminals as needed,
  • move to the toilet facilities if required.

Where a disabled person or person with reduced mobility is assisted by an accompanying person, this person must, if requested, be allowed to provide the necessary assistance in the airport and with embarking and disembarking.

Ground handling of all necessary mobility equipment, including equipment such as electric wheelchairs subject to advance warning of 48 hours and to possible limitations of space on board the aircraft, and subject to the application of relevant legislation concerning dangerous goods.

Temporary replacement of damaged or lost mobility equipment, albeit not necessarily on a like‐for‐like basis.
Ground handling of recognised assistance dogs, when relevant.

Communication of information needed to take flights in accessible formats.

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