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Visiting Linz Airport

Watching aircraft take off and land. Going through airport security. Standing amidst people from all over the world and enjoying the colourful hustle and bustle. Airports haven’t lost any of their appeal and fascination – and the same goes for Linz Airport.

Personal and well-organised: At the terminal, passengers can easily find their way around and take care of everything they need to – quickly and without hassle.

You’re going on holiday or travelling for work and want to know more about your flight, airline operations in general or specific destinations? You’re picking somebody up, or you’re a true airport fan and want to know more about the diverse offers and services on the premises? Go on an exciting journey of exploration through Linz Airport – from booking to arrival!

Of course, this includes helpful information and tips on ground transportation to and from the airport as well as parking availability on site.

Perfectly prepared for travel

Your flight

Helpful information for passengers

Which planes take off and land at Linz Airport and at what time? With just one click, our flight search will tell you. Which scheduled and charter flights are offered? Have a look at the flight schedules! They also include specific information on destinations, operators and flight routes. And while you’re already at it, you might also want to find out more about the various airlines.

You’ve booked your flight, and your trip is just around the corner? Read more about the baggage rules and restrictions and about check-in! If you’re travelling with children or pets or are interested in travel for people with disabilities, you can find helpful tips for planning your trip. How can passengers enjoyably pass the time while they’re waiting at the gate? Find out about our recommendations for things you can do before departure!

You’ve landed in Linz and would like to know what’s next? From changing planes to different services offered on site and continuing your journey with other means of transportation – learn more about what to keep in mind for after your arrival at Linz Airport!

Straight to your destination

To & From Linz Airport

Getting to the airport – and back

By car, taxi, public transport or Airport shuttle: Discover the various options for transportation to and from the airport! The convenient route planner shows you the fastest way to get to Linz Airport. You prefer to drive yourself, but not with your own car? Rental cars are available at the airport as well.

As you can see: Transportation to and from Linz Airport is easy and convenient. Plan your trip right away!

Park your car safely right outside the airport!


Parking availability at Linz Airport

You’re planning to drive to Linz Airport? You’ll surely want to park your car as close to the airport as possible – and for a favourable price, of course! We’ve got excellent news for you: There are numerous parking spaces in different categories available on the premises. That’s how everyone finds the right spot: Whether you’re taking someone to the airport or picking someone up. Whether you’re just dropping someone off, or would like to leave your car parked at the airport for the duration of your trip.

Arrive, park and let’s go: Parking right outside Linz Airport is convenient, safe and comfortable!


Services on site

At the Airport

Linz Airport from A to Z

Thanks to its manageable size and short distances, you’ll quickly and easily find what you’re looking for at Linz Airport. From the Airport Shop to WiFi access: Great service is our priority. Other examples for that are the culinary establishments on site and the travel agencies of the travel zone. Enjoy the time before departure or after your arrival!

You would like to experience the fascination of flying up close? Whether it’s a guided tour, photo holes for spotters or the rooftop terrace – there’s plenty to see and do for passengers and visitors of Linz Airport. Webcams give you exciting insights into the current happenings at Linz Airport as well.

Short- and long-distance destinations for your next trip


Arrivals and departures at Linz Airport

Where can I fly to from Linz? If you’ve already asked yourself this question, you’ll receive the answer now. Alongside a selection of charter flights, there are also numerous scheduled flights that take passengers to their destinations via Frankfurt and Düsseldorf every day. Check out the different flight routes! You can also find out which flights depart at what time by having a look at the current flight schedule.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next holiday: Linz Airport lets you immerse yourself in the most beautiful holiday experiences ahead of your journey already. The following destinations put a smile on travellers’ faces.

By the way: Upper Austria is well worth a visit too. You’re arriving at Linz Airport? Discover what the City of Linz and the region surrounding the airport have to offer!

Did you know that air cargo is another mainstay of Linz Airport? Or that there are a number of aviation clubs and flight schools? Learn more about Linz Airport as a company – in all its facets! 

Find your holiday flight

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