Flying from Linz Airport

Which formalities do you have to keep in mind before your departure, and which options for activities do passengers have as they’re waiting to board their plane? We’ve summarised several helpful tips and ideas for passing the time before your departure – for a relaxed take-off from Linz Airport.

Get an overview!

After you arrive at Linz Airport

Time to check in

When you arrive at Linz Airport, we recommend having a look at the display board with all the important information about flights: Is your plane arriving on time? Which gate do you need to go to? At which counter can you check in? The next step is: checking in your luggage at the check-in counter. Please keep in mind the current regulations and restrictions for outsize and special luggage!

Would you like to stretch your legs in the departure hall or go through security right away? The choice is yours – and of course, depends on how much time you have left before departure …

Flight schedule

You have some extra time on your hands?

On a tour of exploration

.... at Linz Airport

You have some time to explore Linz Airport before your plane leaves? Then how about going on a culinary journey at the Café "Frederick & Sons" in the departure hall? You might also want to stop by at the adjoining airport shop. Another option to see the area around Linz Airport from high above – other than from the plane? The observation deck boasts stunning views of the aircraft starting and landing at the airport – and there’s a children’s play area as well. Speaking of aviation: If you would like to watch the planes take off and land from an entirely new perspective, we recommend visiting our spotter holes.

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The transit area

Services after you’ve gone through security

You’ve already gone through security, but you don’t want to head to your gate right away? How about a visit to the duty-free shop? And if you’d prefer a cup of coffee and a bite to eat, you might want to stop by at Up & Away transit café right connected to the shop.

By the way: Almost all tables have sockets where you can plug in your laptop or mobile phone. That’s how you can relax and unwind as you wait for your flight and get to charge your devices at the same time.

If you’re travelling with children, you should visit the play corner in the transit zone. Tip: Let your kids romp about for a while before your departure. That’s how they can let off some steam and be calmer and more relaxed on the plane.


Standing in line at the security checkpoint is a thing of the past now: Against a surcharge of EUR 5.00, passengers get access to the fast lane at Linz Airport. The fee can be paid at the information desk. You’ll then receive a barcode that opens the gate to the fast lane.


Right after security controls, you’ll find the lift that takes you to the VIP lounge of Linz Airport. It is open to all passengers. Your can purchase the entry code at the information desk for a charge of EUR 24.00.
As a Diners Club Lounge you have free entry if you are owner of a Diners Club card (Please note the access conditions of Diners Club). As Priority Pass-Member you also can use the lounge for free. 

And then: Your flight is ready to board. We wish you safe and pleasant travels!

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