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Visiting Linz Airport as a passenger

You’re going on holiday, or you’re on your way to a business meeting? Take your time to prepare for your flight from Linz! Flight schedule, airlines or regulations regarding check-in and luggage: Find out what passengers need to know about their flight from Linz Airport! Including tips on how to pass the time before your departure and after your arrival as well as helpful information if you’re planning to travel with your kids or pets, and about accessible travel.

Flight schedule and airlines

Information about your flight

When does a certain plane start and land, and which airlines fly to and from Linz Airport? Have a look at our flight schedule and the overview of our various airlines!


Check-in & luggage

The most important regulations at a glance

Which dimensions can your luggage have, and when can you check-in at Linz Airport? What are you allowed to take in your hand luggage and what’s prohibited? If you inform yourself beforehand, you’ll be able to save time on the day of your flight. We’ve summarised the most important regulations regarding check-in and luggage for you.

Before your departure & after your arrival

Stopovers at Linz Airport


You’ve got some time to pass before your departure or would like to continue your travels as soon as you arrive in Linz? We’ve summarised some helpful tips and information for you – so you can make the most of your visit to Linz Airport. Make use of your time as you’re waiting for boarding to start! Thanks to short distances, you will also be able to continue your journey right after you get to Linz Airport .

Before your departure

After your arrival

Air travel in line with your individual needs

Support at Linz Airport

Are you planning to go on holiday with your kids? Are you travelling with your pets? Are you or someone you’re travelling with in need of special assistance? If you have answered “yes” to either one of these questions: Linz Airport has summarised the most important information on travelling with special requirements and under special circumstances for you.

Travelling with Children

Travelling with Pets

Accessible Travel

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