Linz Airport Cargo

Five terminals, extensively equipped, alongside comprehensive service offers: Your cargo is in good hands with Linz Airport. As a one-stop-shop solution, it’s our mission to make cargo logistics as convenient and uncomplicated as possible for you. Our first-rate infrastructure at Linz Airport significantly contributes to that …

Competence on 18,000 square metres

All cargo terminals at a glance

Terminal I
Office building: 1,550 m²
Cargo hangar: 2,720 m²
ULD (container) hangar: 668 m²
Marquee: 1,530 m²

Terminal II
Office building: 680 m²
Cargo hangar: 2,540 m²
ULD (container) hangar: 727 m²

Terminal III
Office building: 950 m²
Cargo hangar: 2,938 m²

Terminal IV
Office building: 1,350 m²
Cargo hangar: 3,200 m²

Terminal V
Office building: 1,800 m²
Cargo hangar: 4,600 m² (including a 1,700 m² reserve area)

Prepared for all eventualities

Comprehensive equipment


You’re transporting refrigerated goods, radioactive materials or hazardous goods? No matter what needs to be put into interim storage – Linz Airport Cargo is prepared for all eventualities:

  • Cold storage room and freezer rooms
  • temperature-controlled infrastructure
  • Safe
  • Palletising equipment
  • High-bay pallet racking
  • Diesel and electric forklifts for up to 12 tons
  • Quarantine room
  • Facilities for hazardous goods

Transport and storage options 

You’d like to transport and store pallets and ULDs? That’s possible in the cargo area of Linz Airport:

  • Electric forklift for up to 6 tons
  • Diesel forklift for up to 12 tons
  • Mechanical pallet truck
  • Electric pallet truck
  • Highlifter pallet trucks for ULDs up to 20 ft, max. 35 tons      
  • Pallet dollies for 10/20 ft ULDs
  • ULD storage options for more than 50 ULDs
  • ULD storage options for empty pallets


  • fully automated ULD-facility for storage and handling for more than 50 ULDs
  • 6 ULD stations (can be lowered by up to 1.6 metres below ground level)
  • 6 stations with scales (max. 6800 kg, accurate to 5 kg)
  • 3 RFS docks – equipped with two loading platforms for lorries (up to 10 ft) and more than 10 docks for lorries up to 40 tons an 1 dock for lorries upt to 0 tons
  • 5 loading ramps for small trucks up to 3.5 tons

Weighing and measuring facilities

There are several weighing and measuring units for precise measurements available in the cargo hall at Linz Airport:

  • 1 scale for pallets/containers up to 20 ft in size (max. 15 tons, accurate to 5 kg)
  • 1 weighing and measuring device (Apache) up to 3 tons
  • 1 scale for European pallets over 1,500 kg, accurate to 1 kg
  • 1 scale for small consignments up to 32,100 g, accurate to 1 g

As part of the safety-relevant infrastructure, the airport is also equipped with two X-ray machines and two explosive trace detectors.

Our ULD facilities

Cargo handling