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Linz Airport is your small but mighty “gateway to the world”. On a daily basis, planes depart from Upper Austria to important air travel hubs and to various destinations in Europe and around the world. What’s more, the region surrounding Linz Airport is well-worth visiting as well.

All destinations at a glance

Route network

Scheduled flights & holiday flights

You would like to get an overview of the airline operations at Linz Airport? Have a look at our route map! You’re only one click away from finding out more about the scheduled flights and holiday charter flights from Linz Airport …

Route map

Stopovers for short- and long-distance trips

Scheduled flights

Frankfurt & Düsseldorf

A stopover in Frankfurt or Düsseldorf: Planes from Linz Airport depart to both destinations on a daily basis – a convenient service for both holiday makers and business travellers. It allows passengers to fly to many European and far-away destinations with only one stop. 

In need of a holiday?

The most beautiful destinations from Linz

Holidays starting at Linz Airport

Everyday life: off – holiday joy: on! Starting at Linz Airport, you can fly to many beautiful locations around the world, where you can take a break and relax. You’re looking for some inspiration for your next holiday? We’d like to share some ideas with you …

The Most Beautiful Destinations from Linz

The airport’s “home”

Linz & Upper Austria

Visiting the region

You’ll be landing at Linz Airport and would like to explore the surrounding region? That’s a fantastic idea! After all, both the city of Linz and the federal state of Upper Austria have lots of scenic and cultural highlights to offer. Would you like a little taste of what’s to come?

Linz & Upper Autria

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