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Our commitment to sustainability

Linz Airport has many positive effects on society and the economy, even beyond its borders. The balance of interests between economy and ecology is particularly relevant to us. We attach great importance to protecting the environment and, for this reason, have made this concern an integral part of our corporate strategy.

Environmentally relevant aspects are critically examined, appropriate measures are taken, and the company's environmental protection measures are being continuously improved. Our objective is not only to comply with the state of the art, but to increasingly use intelligent and innovative technologies. The topics dealt with in particular are noise protection, climate protection, nature conservation and recycling management.

Compliance with all relevant environmental legislation is a minimum requirement. Beyond that, we value an open dialogue with the public. It is important that the people of Upper Austria can identify with their regional airport. Linz Airport is, therefore, committed to continuous improvement in the areas of environment, quality, and safety.

Did you know that air traffic is currently responsible for only 2.7 percent of global CO2 emissions? And that CO2 emissions at Austria's airports have been reduced by 60 per cent since 2010? Some successes have already been achieved in terms of environmental protection, but the airline industry still faces the following tasks and challenges in the future:

  • strict fuel management
  • alternative fuels
  • voluntary commitment to CO2 reduction
  • further development of efficient aircraft and engines

Linz Airport is also a member of the Austrian Airports Association (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Österreichischer Verkehrsflughäfen) and has thus committed itself to taking concrete measures in order to achieve "Net Zero" by 2050 (German language only).

Environmental report

Your point of contact for environment and sustainability:

Mag. Petra Kugler, PMM
Head of ICS and environment

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