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Recreation and relaxation in nature on the one hand, comfort and culture in a big city on the other. Burgas is a lively city, in which the rich history of ancient Thrace can still be felt all over. What’s more, the combination of picturesque lakes and nature reserves makes Bulgaria’s fourth biggest city on the southern Black Sea coast a popular travel destination.


Holidays in Burgas

A city with three thousand years of history

Summer, sun, beaches and the ocean: That’s exactly what many holiday makers are looking for – and they’ll find it in Burgas! Party-loving guests are particularly drawn to the 4.5-kilometre Sunny Beach. If you prefer a little more peace and quiet, you can spend some relaxing moments on City Beach. Leisurely walks along the charming promenade with its many cosy bars included.

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Just lying on the beach on holiday is a little too boring for you? No worries, there’s plenty to see and do in Burgas. Along the bay, you’ll find the Sea Garden – a wide promenade with a summer theatre, a beach casino and the pier. Going for leisurely walks is just your thing? You can also do so in the Alexandrovska Street pedestrian zone with its many cafés and shops. At the northern end of the street, Troykata Square is located where an impressive statue commemorates the Soviet WWII soldiers.

Paintings and sculptures of renowned Bulgarian artists can be admired at Petko Zadgorski Gallery. If you’re interested in artefacts from the Bronze Age, you’ll find them in Burgas Archaeological Museum. Colourful costumes or everyday items: The Ethnographic Museum invites visitors to learn about Bulgarian culture. Lovers of culture and the arts should make a detour to St. Cyril and Methodius Cathedral.

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Besides the cathedral with its magnificent stained-glass windows above the entrance, the Poda nature reserve is also high on the list of Bulgaria’s most popular tourist attractions. It’s not just Burgas’ rich cultural history that makes it so special – its geographic location stands out as well: between several protected lakes and the Black Sea.

Popular sights and attractions in Burgas

  • Sweta Anastasia: a tiny island just off the coast with a history of pirates and the only preserved medieval Black Sea island monastery
  • Sea Garden: a large-area coastal park with gardens and statues, which is also known as the city’s green tongue and the location where the annual Festival of Sand Sculptures is held
  • Lake Atanasovsko: a nature reserve located north of the city and home to many species of birds; it also boasts a beautiful lagoon and a thermal-mud pond
  • Aquae Calidae – Thermopolis: historical site where the fully restored lavish bathrooms of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent can be visited
  • Burgas State Opera: concerts, ballet and opera performances


Antiquity and medieval settlements, natural and cultural treasures, and a lively festival scene: No wonder Burgas attracts visitors from around the world!

Ideal travel time

Travellers prefer to visit Burgas during the warmer months of the year, from May to September. In summer, several events are held at the Sea Garden – for instance, the Festival of Sand Sculptures (from July to September) with a line-up of international artists. What’s more, many Bulgarian pop musicians perform at the “Burgas and the Sea” festival in July and August.

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