Air freight courses with AviationNOW

For many years AviationNOW has been teaching various air cargo courses in the areas of operation and management. They are geared specifically to the staff of world aviation authorities and logistics companies. 

In collaboration with the air cargo department of Linz Airport, AviationNOW makes the topic of air cargo learnable and tangible. Using the latest learning methods from adult education, course participants find out more about various specialist subject matters. 

The main teaching contents of the AviationNOW Air Cargo Academy include:

  • Basic Knowledge
  • Products 
  • Safety & Security
  • Sales & Customer Care
  • Quality Management
  • Process Optimisation
  • Handling 
  • Environment

These topics are presented by experts in an engaging workshop format. The approach is based on an interactive and practice-oriented teaching concept that was specifically developed for logistics companies and the loading industry. Essential, innovative air cargo logistics tasks are implemented immediately and directly on site. 

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