General aviation

General aviation


General Aviation is located in a separate terminal at Blue Danube Airport Linz and offers all the services for general aviation flights.



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On the basis of the Austrian Budgetbegleitgesetz (ancillary budget act) of 2011, most recently amended by the Abgabenänderungsgesetz (act modifying taxes) of 2011, responsible for, among other elements, the introduction of an air travel levy(FlugAbgG, air travel levy act), every aircraft operator must pay this levy to the Austrian Tax Office – providing no exemption applies – for any passengers departing Austria.

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for the period 24.04.-28.05.2019

Due to the  runway closure in Salzburg from 24.04. to 28.05.2019, a PPR regulation applies for this period in Linz. Please fill out the form below completely and send your request at least 24 hours before your planned arrival. Thank you very much.

The most important facts about PPR at one glance.

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Linz Airport air travel levy portal
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Blue Danube AirSport Linz

Fly or take lessons with the flying clubs based at Linz Airport.

Ever dreamt about becoming a private pilot? Get your first experience behind the stick of an aircraft on one of our trial flights.

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Jet A1 (kerosene): 
Fuel depot for 700,000 l

Avgas 100 LL (aviation fuel for piston engines): 
Fuel depot for 50,000 l