Passengers with special needs

Before the flight

Please specify when you first make your booking that you will require special assistance – we will then be glad to accommodate any special requests or needs. You can find out any requirements or particulars from your travel agent or your airline.

If you have questions before your departure, please contact: or 0043 (0) 7221 600 0



Designated parking spaces for disabled passengers are available in all our car parks.

Parking fees: 20% discount from the applicable rate. 
Special intercoms are located at the parking spaces and can be used to speak to airport management.

Linz Airport is also happy to provide a wheelchair at no charge if requested.


In the passenger terminal

Blue Danube Airport Linz has lifts between the different floors in addition to wheelchair ramps. Toilets and washrooms are located in the check-in area (lower level – accessible with the lift) and in the transit zone (ground floor).
The airport restaurant can be accessed using the lift, while the Check-Inn Cafe is located on the ground floor, in the departure hall.


Getting to and from the aircraft

A bus is available to take you out to the aircraft and back to the terminal. 
A wheelchair can also be provided for your convenience from the moment you check in to when you board the aircraft.  
Our airport staff are always happy to provide additional assistance as required.