Prohibited articles
Regulations governing liquids
Security at Austria´s airports

Please respect the luggage policy put in place by your airline, as this may vary by flight and the type of ticket you have purchased. You can find the relevant information in your booking confirmation as well as on the website of the respective airline.

Without exception, every piece of luggage that will be taken onto an aircraft or loaded into the hold must undergo security checks in advance. Please bear this in mind when calculating how much time you will require for the check-in, and remember to note the closing times for the bag drop desk for your flight. Please familiarise yourself with the applicable security regulations prior to your departure.

Hand luggage

In most cases, just one item of hand luggage – not exceeding the external dimensions stipulated by the airline – is permitted in the cabin of the aircraft.

The standard maximum dimensions for cabin baggage, as set by IATA, are:

  • Length – 56 cm
  • Height – 45 cm
  • Width – 25 cm
  • Weight – 8 kg

​Please note that individual airlines may have specifications for hand luggage that differ from the above (such as Austrian Airlines: 55 x 40 x 23 cm. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with your airline's particular specifications prior to your departure. For security reasons, all sharp or pointed objects, knives and scissors are prohibited, regardless of their type or size. Please pack any items fitting this description in your hold luggage. Due to extended safety regulations concerning controls on explosive substances at European airports, passengers, hand luggage and electronic devices will in future be screened by hand for traces of explosives using special strips of paper.

Special luggage

Bikes, surfboards, golf bags and diving gear are considered special luggage and must be declared when you first make your booking. Different airlines will charge different fees for special luggage that must be paid in situ at the check-in desk.


Lost & Found

In the event that your luggage is lost or damaged, please contact the Lost & Found desk in the arrivals hall immediately after you arrive.

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Lost & Found
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