About us

Air cargo is the second major mainstay of Blue Danube Airport Linz. Approximately 54,000 tonnes of cargo were processed by the airport in 2017, ranking ours the second busiest airport in Austria for cargo services. In view of increasing internationalisation, Blue Danube Airport Linz has brought all of its marketing activity in the cargo sector together under the brand

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The advantages we offer at a glance:

  • Handling of all kinds of aircraft type (including Antonov AN 225)
  • Unbeatable central European location: Five of the ten largest European economic regions are within reach of Blue Danube Airport Linz.
  • Fastest lead times: Due to lean processes, short distances and experienced staff our throughput times are shorter compared ot other European cargo airports.
  • Non-stop service: Blue Danube Airport Linz is open to cargo aircraft around the clock and offers perfect conditions for planning and processing your cargo.
  • Complete network: Our logistics providers here at Linz Airport are positioned to form a complete network, giving our clients access to an unbroken logistics service.
  • Greater cost-effectiveness: The cost-effectiveness afforded by our innovative, flexible and customer-oriented infrastructure constitutes a major advantage for our clients.


Opening times

Mon 5.00 a.m. – 12.00 a.m.
Tue – Fri 24 hrs
Sat 12.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m.
Sun 8.15 a.m. – 12.00 a.m.


Provisions on cargo handling




Cargo manager

Christoph Strassgschwandtner, BA
Tel 0043 (0) 7221 600 1801
Fax 0043 (0) 7221 600 4280  


Cargo Handling

Christine Baumberger
Tel 0043 (0) 7221 600 1450 
Fax 0043 (0) 7221 600 4280 or


Document Management

Tel 0043 (0) 7221 600 4282  
Fax 0043 (0) 7221 600 4280 


Cargo Customs

Andreas Kuttner
Tel 0043 50233 565 427
Fax 0043 50233 5965005



Border Inspection Post for live animals and animal products

Only available in Linz and Vienna in Austria.
Linz Airport is the only airport in central Europe where any kind of ungulate can be imported.

Border veterinary service tel 0043 (0) 7221 600 3471 or 0043 (0) 664 5368 470


Terminal I

Office building: 1550 m²
Cargo hangar: 2720 m²
ULD (container) hangar: 668 m²
Marquee: 1530 m².

Terminal II

Office building: 680 m²
Cargo hangar: 2540 m²
ULD (container) hangar: 727 m²

Terminal III

Office building: 950 m²
Cargo hangar: 2938 m²

Terminal IV

Office building: 1350 m²
Cargo hangar: 3200 m²

Terminal V

Office building: 1800 m²
Cargo hangar: 4600 m² (including a 1700 m² reserve area)


Cold storage room + freezer rooms
Palletising equipment
High-bay pallet racking
Diesel and electric forklifts for up to 15 t
Quarantine room
Means for hazardous materials

Transport and storage options

Electric forklift for up to 3000 kg
Diesel forklift for up to 15 t
Mechanical pallet truck
Electric pallet truck 
Highlifter pallet trucks for ULDs up to 20 ft, max. 35 t
Pallet dollies for 10/20 ft ULDs
ULD storage options for 24 ULDs
ULD storage options for empty pallets

ULD system

Five ULD workstations (can be lowered by up to 1.6 m)
Fiveworkstations with scales (max. 6800 kg, accurate to 5 kg)
Two RFS docking stations equipped with one loading platform for lorries (up to 10 ft)
Ten docks for lorries up to 40 t
Three ramp for small trucks up to 3.5 t

Weighing facilities

One scale for pallets/containers up to 20 ft in size (max. 15 t, accurate to 5 kg)
One weighing and measuring device (Apache) up to 3000 kg
One scale for European pallets over 1500 kg, accurate to 1 kg
One scale for small consignments up to 32,100 g, accurate to 1 g

Cargo Security

Two X-ray machines
One explosive trace detector